Ethan Garner

Principled investigator

Mike Dion

Lab Manager / tech wizard

As the most experienced guy around, Mike makes the magic happen.

    Patrick Stoddard

    Graduate Student (joint with Murray lab)

      Laura Bagamery

      Graduate Student (joint with Murray lab)

        Sean Wilson

        Graduate Student

        I am interested in understanding aspects of bacterial cell wall hydrolases, essential enzymes that break down the wall to allow growth while maintaining its integrity.

        Georgia Squyres

        Graduate Student

        I study the physical and molecular mechanisms of bacterial cytokinesis, mainly with big lasers.

        Alexandre Bisson

        Post doctoral fellow

        My interests keep me poking into how nano-scaled polymers can dynamically control micron-scaled processes, such as shape control and cell division.

        Yingjie Sun

        Post doctoral fellow

        I study how bacteria change regulate their rate of growth at the single-molecule and single-cell levels .

        Devon Stork

        Graduate Student (joint with Church Lab)

        I use protein design and evolution to make peptide antibiotics targeting the division mechanism and develop new fluorescent tags.

        Matthew Holmes

        Graduate Student

        I study the dynamics of bacterial cytokinesis. I enjoy putting labels on proteins and then watching what they do

        William Mallard

        Graduate Student

        I study how bacteria make decisions in noisy environments.

        Sylvia Hurlimann

        Graduate Student

        Jenny Zheng

        Graduate Student

        I study cell shape formation by looking at archaea grow and divide.

        Andres Florez


        I am curious about how bacteria coordinate different process to ultimately grow and divide. I perturb cell processes and watch how others keep up or scale at single cell/molecule level.

        Previous Lab Members:

        Carl Wivagg

          Ye-Jin (Jenna) Eun

          Helen Hay Whitney Postdoctoral Fellow

          I developed new methods for live-cell imaging of haloarchaea and studied the cell division and growth mechanism of Halobacterium salinarum.

          Saman Hussain

          Graduate Student

          I study how bacterial cells are able to organize the synthesis of their cell walls to grow in defined and reproducible shapes.

          Mrinal Kapoor

            Zach Barry

            Graduate Student (joint with Bathe lab)