5/1/12 – Lab starts up with Mike Dion as the first researcher.

11/19/12 – Ethan is awarded the a Smith Family Award for Excellence in Biomedical Research.

1/1/13 – Carl Wivagg joins the lab as a postdoc!

3/1/13 – Jenna Eun joins the lab as a postdoc!

4/1/13 – Ethan becomes a 2013 – Searle Scholar.

6/1/13 – 4 MCO students, Saman Hussain, Laura Bagamery, Mrinal Kapoor, and Patrick Stoddard join the lab.

3/15/14 –Marcy Erb Joins the lab as a postdoc!

Spring-Summer 2014 –  in a crushing display of overwhelming power, all 4 graduate students (Saman Hussain, Laura Bagamery, Mrinal Kapoor, and Patrick Stoddard) not only pass their qualifying exams, but also absorb the power and life force of their examining committees.

6/1/14 – Yingjie Sun joins the lab as a postdoc!

6/13/14 – Saman Hussain is awarded a 2014 HHMI International Student Research Fellowship!

6/13/14 – Jenna Eun is awarded Helen Hay Whitney fellowship!

10/1/14 – Ethan is awarded the DP2 innovator Award.   New Microscopes for all!

2015 – Alex Bisson joins the lab as a post doc!

Summer 2015 – 2 MCO students, Georgia Squyres and Sean Wilson join the lab.

Summer 2016 –  2 MCO students, Matthew Holmes and Devon Stork join the lab. Georgia crushes her qualifying exam and is given an award for it. Sean does fine too.

Spring 2017 – Zach Berry and Mrinal Kapoor successfully defend their theses!

Spring 2017 – Alex Bisson and Georgia Squyres paper is accepted into Science! See Publications for other papers, there are too many to list here and I’m going to stop taking note of them.

Early Summer 2017 – Devon Stork and Matthew Holmes pass their qualifying exams!

Late Summer 2017 –  3 MCO students, Sylvia Hurlimann, William Mallard and Jenny Zheng join the lab.

Fall 2017 – Saman Hussain defends her thesis to great acclaim! Jenna Eun & Carl Wivagg depart.

Winter 2018 – Andres Florez joins the lab as a postdoc!

April 2019- Ethan gets Tenure! Party all around.

4/25/19 – Sylvia Hurlimann AND Jenny Zheng are awarded Quantitative Biology fellowships for their general coolness.

Early May 2019 – Alex Bisson accepts a faculty position at Brandeis university!

5/7/19 – Patrick Stoddard defends his shockingly cross-disciplinary thesis. There is much rejoicing.