5/1/12 – Lab starts up with Mike Dion as the first researcher.

11/19/12 – Ethan is awarded the a <href=””>Smith Family Award for Excellence in Biomedical Research.

1/1/13 – Carl Wivagg joins the lab as a postdoc!

3/1/13 – Jenna Eun joins the lab as a postdoc!

4/1/13 – Ethan becomes a 2013 – Searle Scholar.

6/1/13 – 4 MCO students, Saman Hussain, Laura Bagamery, Mrinal Kapoor, and Patrick Stoddard join the lab.

3/15/14 –Marcy Erb Joins the lab as a postdoc!

Spring-Summer 2014 –  in a crushing display of overwhelming power, all 4 graduate students (Saman Hussain, Laura Bagamery, Mrinal Kapoor, and Patrick Stoddard) not only pass their qualifying exams, but also absorb the power and life force of their examining committees.

6/1/14 – Yingjie Sun joins the lab as a postdoc!

6/13/14 – Saman Hussain is awarded a 2014 HHMI International Student Research Fellowship!

6/13/14 – Jenna Eun is awarded Helen Hay Whitney fellowship!

10/1/14 – Ethan is awarded the DP2 innovator Award.   New Microscopes for all!

2015 – Alex Bisson joins the lab as a post doc!

Summer 2015 – 2 MCO students, Georgia Squyres and Sean Wilson join the lab.

Summer 2016 –  2 MCO students, Matthew Holmes and Devon Stork join the lab. Georgia crushes her qualifying exam and is given an award for it. Sean passes.

Spring 2017 – Zach Berry and Mrinal Kapoor successfully defend their theses!

Spring 2017 – Alex Bisson and Georgia Squyres paper is accepted into Science! See Publications for other papers, there are too many to list here.

Early Summer 2017 – Devon Stork and Matthew Holmes pass their qualifying exams!

Late Summer 2017 –  3 MCO students, Sylvia Hurlimann, William Mallard and Jenny Zheng join the lab.

Fall 2017 – Saman Hussain defends her thesis to great acclaim! Jenna Eun & Carl Wivagg depart.

Winter 2018 – Andres Florez joins the lab as a postdoc!